Statusphere Influencer Marketing Campaign

Content creators apply to join Statusphere

Statusphere is an exclusive marketplace where brands and creators connect. Our creator application process is selective and all of the members in our network are hand-picked. We accept about 10% of people who apply. This ensures our members have authentic and active followings, produce quality niche content, and will uphold brand quality standards.

The matchmaking process begins

Statusphere matches brands with only the most relevant hand-picked consumers, brand ambassadors and creators, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach. The result: members get to try products they are genuinely interested in and, in return, brands are supplied with authentic user-generated content and engagement from the specific audience they want to reach.

The box arrives

Members receive their unique StatusBox, packed with the products that they selected. Statusphere handles all member correspondence, management, product shipping, and post verification on behalf of each brand. Brands simply send us their products and we’ll take care of the rest!

The products are featured

Upon receiving their StatusBox, our members try their products and produce content according to the guidelines the brand and member have agreed upon. Once the campaign is complete, Statusphere provides brands with reports regarding coverage, engagement, and product feedback.

Drive Demand with Marketing Consumers Love

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all. Consumer-to-consumer marketing turns everyday people into your brand’s most powerful marketing channel, saving you time and hassle. As the first platform designed to scale C2C marketing, Statusphere manages the entire process for you.

Why C2C marketing?
Consumers trust each other over brands
Collect quality, authentic UGC consumers are looking for
Increase organic reach and social mentions
Drive demand with infinitely scalable campaigns
More effective marketing, with less work

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Love my statusphere box this month, each product fit my lifestyle so perfectly!

Kathleen - @kathleendarling_

I Statusphere (with like a really big heart!) I love being a part and these products are awesome. 

Leah @Misspetigrewreview

Being a part of Statusphere has been so much fun!

Mary Kate @Chiclittlehoney