We love working with new brands! If you would like your brand featured in Statusphere, fill out this brand application.

Each month we will send out an email to all Statusphere influencers with a list of products to choose from. You will select which products that you would like to receive in your StatusBox, in exchange for the action listed on the product description (i.e. in exchange for posting a photo on instagram or other social networks).

You will receive your box within 2 weeks with the products that you selected. As long as you post according to the instructions that you agreed to when choosing the product, you will remain in Statusphere.

We use an algorithm that analyzes your social reach based on your following and engagement on your social networks. If your score is high enough, you will be accepted into Statusphere. Click here to apply to join.

No problem! If you are busy for a month, or don’t see any products you would like to receive in exchange for sharing a photo with your audience just take no action and wait until next month.

We pick the brands featured in Statusphere based on a strict criteria. Because we are company created by fellow social influencers, it is extremely important to us that we provide you only with products that are the highest quality.

We even provide you with a full review of all products in Statusphere so you can make sure it is a good fit for your audience before choosing it for your StatusBox.

As a fellow social influencer, our founder was tired of trying to find new products to share with her followers. She created statusphere to help social influencers easily find awesome, up-and-coming brands to share with their followers, and give these brands an opportunity to connect with awesome influencers!