What is Statusphere?

Statusphere is a place where brands and influencers meet and create win-win relationships. For brands, this means eliminating the strenuous process of finding the influencers that have everything you’re looking for and then managing the entire influencer campaign. For influencers, this means having a streamlined and favorable way to select the brands you want to post about, without getting approached by brands who are completely off the mark for you. Our brands and influencers are vetted and approved based on selective criteria so that both parties can be certain they are building quality, mutually beneficial relationships.

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Our Story

Having worked as both an influencer and a brand, our founder saw first-hand how challenging and frustrating the process can be for everyone involved. There was no streamlined way for brands and influencers to easily find and build authentic, mutually beneficial connections. On the brand side, it was difficult to find quality influencers who fit the right niche, with high engagement and followings to match. And on the influencer side, there was little control over which brands she’d be pitched by. Statusphere was created to give both influencers and marketers what they’ve wanted out of influencer marketing all along — more control over the influencer marketing process, without the wasted time and energy.